Msg. Charles McGlinn Annual Scholarship Award

The Knights of Columbus Council 9856 is made up of practicing Catholic gentlemen who wish to provide service and support to those in need in our parish, community, and throughout the world. Our mission is to fulfill these needs by putting our Faith in Action through these four pillars: Faith, Life, Family, and Community.

Monsignor McGlinn was the pastor of Cure of Ars parish for 29 yrs. from 1986 to 2015.

He was a beloved priest; kind, humble, caring, spiritual, and a strong supporter of catholic education in our parish and diocese.

With these values in mind, the Knights of Columbus Council 9856 has elected to create an annual scholarship gift of $1000 to be awarded to an 8th grade graduate of Cure of Ars grade school who has committed to attend and is accepted into a Catholic high school following graduation.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Scholarship awards will be made available in the spring to an 8th grade graduates of Cure of Ars School.

  2. Must be a practicing Catholic.

  3. Has shown personal characteristics and behaviors exemplifying these Christian beliefs in their daily lives.

Interested candidates must submit an essay of no more than 1000 words explaining how you exemplify the values and activities defined in the following criteria.

  1. Explain how this scholarship will have an impact on your life.

  2. Describe your academic activities and accomplishments.

  3. How have you used your time and talent to serve family and friends?

  4. How have you assisted others in your school and in the community to support those in need?

  5. Describe how kindness, humility, and trust in God have been factors in your life.

  6. Is a member of your family or relative an active member of the Knights of Columbus?

  7. What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

  8. In what ways have you supported the right to life at all ages?

  9. Describe your faith and prayer life and what they mean to you. Have you considered the priesthood or religious life?


Picture forthcoming

The 2022 recipient of the Msg McGlinn Annual Scholarship Award is Zach Novotny, pictured left with Grand Knight Patrick Feltman.

The first recipient of the Msg McGlinn Annual Scholarship Award is Callen Eskew, pictured left with Grand Knight Patrick Feltman.