Family Fully Alive

February, The Sacrament of Marriage

Key Points

Family Project

It may be difficult to schedule one of these activities during February. But use the month to do some of the planning to celebrate later in the year.

March, Family Difficulties

Key Points

Family Project

a. Set a time for everyone in the family to come together to work through the difficulty.  

b. Ensure that everyone has a common understanding of the situation.

c. Then have each person write a letter to the family that includes:

i. How they may have contributed to the difficulty

ii. What they can do going forward to improve the situation

iii. Ask forgiveness of the other family member(s)

iv. Acknowledge that the family unit is more important than whatever difficulty is being dealt with

April, Mercy and Forgiveness 

Key Points

a. The first synonym of Absolution in Websters is Forgiveness.  

a. Spouse

b. Family members

c. Co-workers

d. Friends & acquaintances

e. Yourself

Family Project

a. As part of your preparation for going to Reconciliation, make a mental list of those who you might have been better able to show mercy – and therefore – forgiveness.  

a. Forgiveness doesn’t mean condoning another person’s actions as being just – but it does say that you can show mercy to that person despite the hurt that may have been caused. 

May, Hope

June, Self-Giving Love 

Key Points

Family Project

b. Helping with the Catholic Charities food truck

c. Helping an aging neighbor with yard work without any type of payment

d. Sharing what you have with others (even siblings), again without any expectations of reciprocal acts.

a. Reach out to an adult child who may be fully capable of living their lives and not dependent on your generosity.  Find out what ‘act of kindness’ may be meaningful to them and may require you to go above and beyond your normal comfort zone.